We will for a short moment post our illustrations for each station. 

It is, for us, more important that people pray today, than NOT praying.

Therefore, we rather allow our users to our pre-planned illustrations and print them out, than not.

The Stations of the Cross is a wonderful Friday prayer session.

It is, now, close to Easter, a chance to do a miniature pilgrimage.

We are fully aware that people have various restrictions and lock-downs and we need to fight evil.

Last year, a person in France, informed us that he printed the illustrations of each station and placed it in his garden so his entire family could do the Stations of the Cross.

Therefore, we have prepared illustrations to be printed.

Print the illustrations, place them in your garden, in your house, in your apartment.

IF there are restrictions, why not place them in your front yard if you have one,

allow your neighbours and friends to have a chance to do the stations when nobody is around. 

if you live in an apartment complex, why not place them in the hallway for neighbours.

Even better, please forward the link to them, and have them use our website.