... SUDDENLY ...

... in the year of 2020 - our churches were closed for Easter.


were also closed for Easter of 2021 too.

Jesus was betrayed by one disciple, ten of them ran away after he was arrested.

One stayed with him


his mother was with her Son all the way through.

In the Year 2022 ... the Churches stayed open for both Easter and Christmas!

We are that one disciple NOT abandoning our Father or our Mother in Heaven.

2023 ... 

Let us take up lost ground and space in the online-content communities.

Let our prayers assist the angels in Heaven in this spiritual battle.

To fight evil, you have to know your Catholic Faith. The law of the Lord  had been forgotten ...

What are the instructions of how you should live?

Let us get back to the basics of Liturgy Teaching, Cathecism and Morality,

Let us go back to the basics:

    • Law of the Prayer,
    • Fasting,
    • Penance and
    • let us be role models evangelizing. 

A miniature Pilgrimage.

... and then comes Resurrection!