A miniature Pilgrimage.

... SUDDENLY ...

... in the year of 2020 - our churches were locked and closed before Easter. 

And, in 2021;

our Easter celebrations were also closed - just like the Christmas celebrations were "limited".

(due to the partygate revelations appeared the Downing Street Nr. 10, could not enforce another lockdown.

At the same time South Africa reported that the Omicron was not too bad.)

We do know that Jesus was betrayed by one disciple.

Ten disciples ran away after he was arrested.

The beloved one stayed with him!

And, His Mother Mary stayed with her Son all the way through.

In 2022 ... the Churches were now open for both Easter as well as for Christmas!

In 2023 ... life seemed to come back to people,

and suddenly AshWednesday 2024 arrived and it is good to be back!

Yes, it is good to be back even though we managed to release our website before Easter 2020. We realized that we needed to assist people struggling with lockdowns and other harsch measurements implemented by governments worldwide - so all our information and illustrations were out for free.

Now, regardless if you pray or do the Stations of the Cross regularly on Fridays or if you do the Stations of the Cross on a pilgrimage - Lent is the season highlight. Therefore, we are glad to have you back just like we are glad that our website is now in play!

We are that one disciple NOT abandoning our Father or our Mother in Heaven.

... and then comes the Resurrection!